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Blog: The State Of The Nation

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Cor, eh? I mean: BLIMEY. CRUMBS!

This is pretty much the most cogent statement I can come up with today as a) I was up until 4am going "What? PLEASE MAKE SENSE!" and b) it's what everyone else is saying anyway, except in a more FANCY DAN kind of way.

For LO! i find myself in a STRANGE STRANGE world where my BRANE comes up with utterly bizarre statements like "the right thing to do is to let the Tories try and form a government." What was that, BRANE? It is not something I expected myself to ever think, but there you go - hopefully CLEGGO is planning to let them have first POP, allow it to fall through, and then be able to form The Rainbow Coalition, or maybe it'll end up with 6 months of Tory's governing DISASTER, electoral reform, and then LOVELINESS. Word from NOTED THINKTANK The Validators (Francis A Machine Presiding) is that we may be in for a Summer Of Discontent, which sounds TERRIBLY exciting.

Whatever happens, for someone who, shall we say, takes a perhaps over-excitable interest in constitutional politics, it's not going to be BORING. And it might, actually, in the end mean and end to the crappy ridiculous voting system that we've been labouring under. It might also mean politicians FINALLY have to stop saying "Well, exit polls often get it wrong don't they?"

posted 7/5/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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