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In my career in ROCK there have been many highs - playing live on Radio 1, the whole Hey Hey 16K business, gigging around the world etc etc - but on Friday something happened which pretty much eclipsed THE LOT. It was THIS:


What you're seeing there is a character in this month's Judge Dredd Magazine who is NAMED AFTER ME!

REALLY! A few people have said "Are you sure it's not just a coincidence or something?" And i say "YES! I am COMPLETELY SURE!" for LO! this story is written by the GRATE Mr Al Ewing who a) is surely the HEIR to writing Dredd come J Wagner's eventual retirement b) i have met on a number of occasions and found to be VALID c) CONFIRMED it to me via the medium of twitter.

So just to confirm: OH MY GOOD GOD! There is a character named after me IN JUDGE DREDD!!!!! If anyone knows of a HIGHER HONOUR than this then, goodness me, you can keep it to yourself for it would surely BLOW MY MIND! You can keep your Mercury Prizes and your Brits - THIS is pretty much THE most exciting thing EVER! Is there a Judge Him Out Of Radiohead? I THINK NOT.

And if there is, don't tell me.

Crikey - thank you Mr Ewing, and thank you THARG THE MIGHTY for letting it happen. Now, how long until the Constable Hibbett Summer Special is ready?

posted 7/3/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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i'd love to see you perform in a dog mask and mega-city 1 judge costume, in continuation of this. it's like you're a very niche mega-celebrity. when people ask me if i've ever met anyone famous, i always say 'i've met people who are famous to me' and cite people like you as an example.
posted 7/3/2010 by grilly

Lieutenant Dogtanian Hibbett might not have black hair and glasses but there is definitely *something* about him I recognise!
posted 8/3/2010 by Francis

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