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Blog: Half a year DIARISED

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Our preperations are HOTTING UP for this year's Edinburgh Festival... which is a bit mad really, as it's still over SEVEN MONTHS away, but when you've got two busy men about town like myself and Mr S Hewitt involved, you need to BOOK AHEAD.

We've just finished filling in our Venue Application Form which I'm going to try and hand in at lunchtime (their London offices are within The Walking Circle!) and the script for the Concept Album is JUST ABOUT at the stage where I can start ADAPTING it for performance by the two of us... and THAT is where most of the preparation is taking place.

For LO! Once that's done we're going to have to LEARN it! And work out how to DO it! And make PROPS! And do DRESS REHEARSALS! And WARM-UP SHOWS!! YIKES! I've been worrying about all this for ages, and last night sat down to try and work it out. I sent Steve a list of EVERY DAY from here until the end of July, indicating the days I'd be free for practices and gigs, and he sent it back with HIS days on it. Using that I scheduled in SEVEN practices (a number which suddenly seems like HARDLY ANYTHING - PANIC!) and SIX gigs (four of which haven't been booked yet) before we got to Edinburgh.

I am now OSCILLATING WILDLY between two different states of PANIC. Is it a) FAR TOO MANY or b) NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH?!? I have no idea - I keep trying to PLACATE myself, thinking "Come on, it's all spread out over six months so a) it won't seem like that many and b) there's loads of time to learn the lines sin between" but still the FEAR remains. And also, it must be said, EXCITEMENT. Reading through the current script I think it might actually WORK, and possibly even be quite good FUN.

And, if nothing else, I'll get to eat a LOT of curries and have my own GIANT ROBOT HEAD to show for it when it's all over. WIN!

posted 28/1/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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