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Having just read back the previous blog entry, I should say that the only reason the two big lessons were a bit NEGATIVE is because all the FANTASIC and POSITIVE stuff that happened this year was all due to things I'm already hugely thankful for. I only got to have SO much fun because of the huge amount of lovely people that I know and hang around with, whether it's The Validators or the TONS of friends who come to gigs or the brilliant indie-types on THE BLOGOSPHERE or the GRATE promoters who gave us gigs or people like John The Publisher, Mr S Hewitt and The Totally Acoustic Regulars who made all SORTS of crazy SCHEMES happen, and ESPECIALLY because of The Rock Of My ROCK who not only LISTENED to all my GRATE IDEAS but also SUGGESTED a lot of them.

Being grateful for being surrounded by BRILLIANT people is a lesson I learned a long time ago, I hope I never forget it!

posted 7/1/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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