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Blog: End Of Part One

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Well, that's the end of Part One of the Touring Season for us now, although even as we speak Part TWO is taking shape. From the end of September into October I'm planning to do a LOT more gigs, both with The Validators and (on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, mostly) on my own. I'm sort of hoping that with all the Nice Things Said about the album it'll be a bit easier to BOOK these gigs (and maybe even get people to turn up!), and use the TOUR as a means of REPROMOTING the whole to try and nudge that totaliser up...

Mind you, the main reason is because i LIKE doing gigs and LOVE the idea of doing a PROPER TOUR - WAHEY! So yes, in the next few weeks it's Gig Sorting Out and an APPRAISAL of The Promotional Campaign So Far, then I'm off on HOLIDAYS with The Hot Water In My Tea Cup, and then there'll be ANOTHER sending out of press releases to try and drum up some more interest. After that it'll be time for CHRISTMAS, and after that... the NEXT album can begin! HOORAH!

Set the controls for... THE FUTURE!

posted 18/8/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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