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Blog: There's a Windmill in Brixton, I saw it!

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Thursday night was a BRILLIANT night - it was the London Leg of our 5th Birthday party, and to be honest I was a bit worried about it. Well, to be perfectly honest I was in a STATE OF PANIC about the whole thing, but it all seemed to go OK in the end. There was a bus full of The Kids from Derby come down to see Plans & Apologies, and us more Mature Bands managed to drag a good few over between us (even though some of the people that I'd persuaded to come came the NEXT night - the date on the original press release was wrong, oops!).

There was something a little ODD about Frankie Machine all night - during their set they seemed to be chatting amongst themselves, making jokes no-one else could hear, and generally pottering about. What could it all mean? Later on Frankie Machine HIMSELF, during his bass stint with me, was found wandering apparently lost around the stage - was he unwell? Or had SOMETHING happened during the four hour coach trip from Derby and ensuing four hours IN A PUB before the gig began?

Our bit was WELL GOOD, I must say - somehow we seem to have become A PROPER BAND, I blame those PRACTICES! The sound, I thought, was ACE, it felt like we were ROCKING, and afterwards many people shook me by the hand. It was GRATE! LOTS of people I hadn't seen for ages came down too, and I also got to see Johnny Domino for the first time in FAR FAR too long.

It should also be noted that the venue was LOVELY - Tim the promoter took me and Tom on a bit of a guided tour to see the ACTUAL WINDMILL round the corner, and everybody there, especially the sound man, was REALLY REALLY NICE. I think we may RETURN there sometime, it was fun. We had to get away before Plans & Apologies finished, as The Heart Of My Existence had to work next morning, and also because Tom was driving us back and it seemed like a good idea to get going before he passed out, so we said our farewells and sped off, to explore various parts of London that we meant to drive through all along, no really, we did.

Next day Tom and I discussed the NEXT album. It's going to be brilliant - it's going to sound like Rubber Soul!

posted 18/8/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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