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The other day in Croydon Mr T Eveleigh said to me "There's never any titles on your blog posts." This CONFUSED me MIGHTILY - i ALWAYS put them in, but then I realised he must be talking about the FEEEED that goes to the MJ Hibbett & The Validators Facebook page. To be honest I set this up AGES ago and completely forgot about it, so today (having been NUDGED by seeing it mentioned on someone else's pages) I went to have a look at it and saw that Tim was CORRECT, there were no titles appearing.

The reason for this is that i take the BLOG FEED for that page from the main webpage, where I just plonk the title in bold at the top. I also, HOWEVER, manually put it onto our MYSPACE blog, copying and pasting the main text and title into seperate bits. In a FLASH of BRANE-WHAM I realised that if I linked to THAT feed instead then the Facebook version would get titles too.

So i did! And it does! I think!

The only slight disadvantage to this is that there's now some DOUBLE ENTRY on the Facebook page, with the last week or so's posts appearing twice but this should sort itself out as time goes by - i don't want to DELETE any spare ones, because there seem to be comments on some of them and it would, i think, be More Trouble Than It's Worth.

The upshot of all this TERRIBLY FASCINATING INFORMATION is that I'm suddenly aware of a couple of hundred people who are reading this via Facebook! JINKIES! Hello everyone on Facebook! Sorry if you've left a comment which I never replied to, I will try to do better in future and please enjoy the new titled version!

posted 6/11/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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still doesn't pull through titles on googlereader.

just saying like, doesn't, y'know, actually make a difference...
posted 6/11/2009 by CarsmileSteve

Hey, it seems to now!
posted 10/11/2009 by Dan H

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