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Blog: The Beginning Of The Future

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Sorry for the SILENCE on here this week, i have been LAID LOW with POORLINESS. In fact I've just checked online and i think i MIGHT even be suffering from The Swine Flu. EXCITING eh? Usually when I get a cold it goes within a couple of days but this time it's been with me since Monday night and IN FORCE for most of that time, only abating somewhat today.

Things probably weren't helped by my heading off to Derby on Tuesday night for some ROCK. I was feeling pretty groggy by the time I got to the train but hoped that The Healing Power Of ROCK would help me out, and indeed it DID, at least a little bit. I'd been EXTREMELY reluctant to cancel anyway as it'd been AGES since we'd last got together,tho i didn't realise it'd been SIX MONTHS. Six months since The Validators had last gathered! THIS IS WRONG!

We soon got down to business, kicking off with a run through of My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once to get warmed up before DIGGING IN to Don't, Darren, Don't. It was LOVELY and we very quickly and easily got it working. It sounded GRATE!

In fact, everything did - we had proper goes at A Little Bit (and it's reprise), My Grandad Is Nuts and ESPECIALLY We Are The Giant Robots which changed into a ROCKING (slightly KRAUT ROCKING indeed) HIT! I was VERY pleased!

We also had brief attempts at (theme from) Dinosaur Planet and For The Fate Of The Earth, just to get our TOES WET in them, as it were. They're BIG NUMBERS which, i feel, may need some time to get into properly. The others tho - COR! I was WELL chuffed with how they've worked out, all we need to do now is remember them until NEXT Tuesday when we're back to record them!

After that there was time for a quick DEBRIEF in the pub before everyone headed their seperate ways, with me retiring to Chez Fleay where i spent a RESTLESS NIGHT with the aforementioned Proper Poorliness.

I STRUGGLED MANFULLY to get home next morning where I went straight to be and STAYED there until a couple of hours ago, pausing only briefly to put the single online for Newsletter people. But more news of that later, for now BED is calling, also my "Road To..." BOXSET!

posted 16/10/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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