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Blog: Let's Go!

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Yesterday I went to the Secret BBC Window and handed over the final batch of PROMO CDs for 6Music types (of which there were many) and also a few radio one and two people. I'd already put the other radio promo copies in the post the day before (so they'll be arriving for Christmas...) and once I'd emailed everybody to tell them they were on the way that was pretty much THAT, for the time being, for My Boss Was In An Indie Band!

It's been a DELIGHT this time around I much saying - making the video, mastering the CDs, ordering them, getting the badges, sending out review copies, everything's been really SMOOTH and simple this time, i wish it was always that easy! Now I just have to hope that people SEE the video or HEAR the song!

Ooh, and if that's YOU, and this is your first visit here: HELLO! Thanks for dropping by - the video is over on this page and if you're feeling flush you can buy the album it comes from here!

There's also all sorts of other things here, including lyrics and notes for ALL the songs (of which there are MANY), pictures, videos, downloads - have a look round if you have time, it will be FUN!

posted 9/10/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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