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Blog: Come, Let Us "Hit" The Dancing Area

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Pass me my tiny hat and garland me with Fancy Scarves, for LO! I appear to be LIVING THE DREAM in exciting new directions at the moment - FUNKY directions. I've got another bit of DISC JOCKEYING lined up for the end of November, which should be fun as long as i remember that, for some inexplicable reason, NOBODY wants to dance to "Leaning On A Lamppost" and, as demonstrated every other time I have manned the platters that matter, will actually LEAVE THE BUILDING if it is played. Or maybe I should give it one more go?

Anyway, apart from that i am ALSO working on a REMIX at the moment. FINALLY someone has been FARSEEING enough to let ME get my hands on the components of their track and MESS AROUND with it. All right, they've also got a ton of other people doing it, but still, it is DEAD exciting and I am having LOADS of fun doing it. Often when I see other bands at gigs I stand their thinking "No no no, you want to go straight into the chorus now, and bring back the TRUMPETS" but this way i can actually DO it. So far I appear to have cut the track in question down from over four minutes to just over TWO, and over the weekend I am planning to BLESS it not just with a BASS LINE of my own choosing but - HECK YES - a GUITAR SOLO!

If they're VERY lucky I may even do some BACKING VOCALS. With benefits like THIS, i am CONVINCED that before the year is out EVERY BAND EVER will be employing me!

posted 2/10/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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