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Blog: Payment In BEER

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I went to Winchester yesterday - originally this was going to be for a GIG, but in the end it was for a VEGAN BARBECUE, and very nice it was too. The journey was a bit CRUMMY, as the train I sat on was very much NOT air conditioned (even though the windows were firmly SHUT and the doors automatically SHUT so as not to disable the air conditioning which wasn't there) and so it was a distinctly SWEATY Hibbett he tumbled down the sloping car park out of the station.

The rest was lovely though - I did three SETS (two songs for The Parents before they left, later a Full Set in the back garden, and finally a trot through "Boom Shake The Room" before I went) and got paid in BEER. Ray Whose Birthday It Was had read "Hibbett's Golden Rules Of Beer" and applied them to my RIDER, so today I am feeling a little PECULIAR around the innards. Ooh it was lovely BEER though!

posted 11/8/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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