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Blog: Summer Sundae

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We went to Summer Sundae in Leicester on Saturday, and we had a LOVELY time. To start with the TRANES there not only worked out pretty well, but the Midland Mainline one was AIR CONDITIONED. Aaah, what bliss to be alive! The rest of the day was Significantly Warmer, but very nice - me and the Breeze Through My Window had a happy time wandering around bumping into people, eating food, drinking BEER, and looking at bands. The only downside (and it wasn't really much of one) was that nearly all the Money For Good Bands seemed to have been spent on the Sunday, so the artistes available to us were... shall we say... "variable".

There WAS some good stuff on - we mainly went to see Lazarus Clamp feat. T.McClure, who were first on and dead good, slipping a little TOO easily into STADIUM! ROCKSHOW! with LIGHTS! We also saw Laura Cantrell, who was ACE, especially when they Unleashed The Rickenbackers. Much of the rest was pretty dull though - ENTHUSED with how good Laura Cantrell was we went to see Kathryn Williams. Mmm. I'm sure it's all very valid, worthy, and proficient, it was, however, also monumentally boring, slow, and seemingly pointless. The massed folkies seemed to like it...

Unlike Longview who NOBODY seemed to like, probably because they were so UNBELIEVABLY awful - godawful dirge followed by-the-numbers PLOD as people FLED the stage area, WARY that they might fall asleep and get sunburnt. Like all such dullards, the singer blamed the audience for not enjoying it - "Maybe THIS'll live you up" he droned, before collapsing into a very slightly less slow DIRGE. RUBBISH!

Later on it was announced that Chumbawumba were about to take the stage - 60% of our party immediately ROSE, and made to RUN AWAY. 40% of us, however, had never seen them, so we stayed. "Maybe they are right", I thought, "Maybe I am falling prey to old fashioned indie snobbery, maybe they are NOT the most irritating band who ever lived - yes, come on, let's go and see them!"

They were the most irritating, patronising, self-satisfied bunch of smug twats I have EVER seen on stage - every utterance a self-serving statement of easy corporate rebellion! Every gesture so pasic it would make a teenager cringe! Every song approx. 9000 times less clever than it thought it was! At one point they BOASTED about having an argument with New Labour Youth! ROCK AND ROLL!

So we left them, and went in search of BEER and PALS - HOORAH! This was much better and soon all was joy and LOVE and sunshine fun. I also bumped into Mr Steve Lamacq again, this was GROOVY and I think I just about managed NOT to make a twit of myself, I think. It was all lovely anyway, and we relaxed on the way home on our delightful air conditioned train tired, but happy.

posted 11/8/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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