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My DAILY GOOGLING uncovered a new review today, at The Beat Surrender, which presents me with FEAR.

Basically it says that the album's SNEERY and PRETENTIOUS - which is a bit upsetting as that's pretty much the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I was setting out to do but, WORSE STILL, I can sort of see why he'd think that. It's something that does happen occasionally (and sometimes with DISASTEROUS RESULTS) when someone reads something I have said/sung/written in a SARCASTIC VOICE. For instance, if I type "That's GRATE!" I mean... well, that it's GRATE, but people in the past have been know to take the capitalisation/spelling to mean something more like, "Oh well, that's just great."

Italics: the international denotation of sarcasm.

A recurring example of this is Do The Indie Kid, which is meant to be a JOLLY CELEBRATION of the kind of dance that, well, that _I_ do, yet some people think it's a piss-take or SLAGGING OFF. I guess it IS kind of a piss-take, but it's mocking MYSELF - I thought that the fact that it's always ME demonstrating how to do the dance, to French people/my parents/The Kids of THE FUTURE, would indicate that, even without seeing my MEGA SKILLZ at this particularly dance in the video, but obviously not.

Normally I wouldn't mind, but it's upsetting in this case because what he has to SAY about songs being sneery and pretentious is EXACTLY the same as what I think, and if it was anybody else being told off in such a way I would be NODDING ENTHUSIASTICALLY. THUS I have done a COMMENT on the bottom to try and explain myself - I know this is very much Not The Done Thing, but I feel bad that someone who is obviously CORRECT in his outlook has thought us to not be so.

Clearly I was asking for trouble giving the album a FRENCH NAME tho - is ANYBODY old enough to remember the French Tapes (CASSETTES, The Kids, CASSETTES!) when that was the constant refrain?

posted 15/7/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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i think you have to be A Certain Age to understand it. fortunately this is the majority of The Target Audience ;)
posted 15/7/2009 by CarsmileSteve

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