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Blog: Merchandising Opportunities

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As the excitement builds - INTERNATIONALLY - for Dinosaur Planet (and thanks TONS everybody who's been PROPAGATING the trailer, it's much appreciated) a young man's thoughts turn to MERCHANDISE!

Or, to be blunt: BADGES!


They're rather nice, i think - especially the one on the left. I'm going to get them sent off for MAKING in the next few days, hopefully alongside the FLYERS. OH THE FLYERS! They've taken a LOT of DESIGN WORK, but i _think_ we're just about there with them now... I shall save the INSANE THRILLPOWER of THOSE, however, for another time!

THRILLS OF THE FUTURE! Watch The Skies, Earthlest! And so forth!

posted 9/7/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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