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Blog: Happy Birthday To ME

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I had a LOVELY Birthday Do last night - we all went to The Lamb, where I'd hired the upstairs room as used for Totally Acoustic and drank some BEER. We also ate some Unusual Food, as there seemed to be some CONFUSION in the kitchen which resulted in us getting SUGARY CHIPS.

They were actually quite TASTY.

There was also a bit of SINGING - I had a go at some songs from Dinosaur Planet (including a VERY FULL run through of 'For The Fate Of The Earth', which seemed to last AN HOUR), Mr G Gargan aka formerutopia and Ms C Tornbohm (with accompaniest) did a couple of songs, and then Dr N Brown did some of his MANY HITS. I particularly enjoyed his version of the old Voon classic "It's A Nice Thing", featuring Slightly Tipsy Backing Vocals by ME. There was a bit more singing later on too, when I had a go at all the covers I could remember (NB NOT MANY BY THAT POINT) and finished up with a DUET version of Hey Hey 16K featuring Mr T "The Tiger" McClure (who'd earlier BLESSED us with The Tiger's Roar) on Banjo-tuned Ukelele. Yes. I'm not quite sure HOW he did that, but it worked.

A lovely time was had by all, especially ME, although I felt ever so slightly headache-y this morning. Must have been the sugar-y chips.

posted 20/6/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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