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Blog: Off Road

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You find me this afternoon slightly DAZED as i sit back at work slowly - METHODICALLY, some might say - going through my Work Emails, doing bits and bobs and generally NOT being on the road. Most of the rest of the band have got the day off today and I must admit I wish I had done the same, i is KNACKERED.

Knackered, but HAPPY - it was a LOVELY weekend. In discussion on the way home from Sheffield last night we agreed that this tour probably HASN'T Taken Us to "THE NEXT LEVEL" or anything, and probably didn't SHOWCASE OUR WORK to many new people - audience levels were, on the whole, a little bit lower than on previous JAUNTS - but by GOLLY it had been a lot of fun. We saw some GRATE bands, were treated DELIGHTFULLY by ALL of the promoters (which may make us UNIQUE amongst Indie Bands In A Van!), met loads of PALS, drank A LOT of very nice beer, had several curries, enjoyed some sunshine and generally LARKED ABOUT like a bunch of twits on holiday. It was ACE.

I'll do a fuller report, including SET LISTS and that starting tomorrow - for now tho, I think I'm off for a NAP!

posted 27/5/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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Fear not Boss - i'm also in work. I had the added pleasure of being woken up at 5:30 by the missus and her pals heading off to Barcelona.

If I make it through the Champions League final tonight it will be a FEAT of NATURE like that David Blaine or something
posted 27/5/2009 by Francis

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