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Blog: A Trip To The Theatre

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I had the afternoon off yesterday in order to indulge in some THEATRE, for LO! myself and Mr C Lawson had tickets to go and see Captain Picard and Gandalf... NO! we had tickets to see Professor X and Magneto ... STOP IT! tickets to see Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in Waiting For Godot.

I was VERY excite - i REALLY like Waiting For Godot, if I had a favourite play that would be IT, having seen it several times, DONE it at college, and even put on a Production of it in my first ever trip to the Edinburgh Fringe. Also, of course, it had Proper Famous people in it, tho Chris and I did try NOT to get Sci-Fi fanboy about it all... and failed. Within SECONDS of entering the theatre bar we were talking about the new Star Trek film. This did involve in a GRATE JOKE from Chris tho: I said I really hoped that it would be the proper cast, not understudies. Chris said it'd be fine if Patrick Stewart could do it, Jonathan Frakes would have to step in.


Er... so, yes, we went into the auditorium all excited and STAYED that way, because it was BLOODY GRATE. There've been some snotty reviews about it, saying it is "funny", and that that is a terrible misunderstanding of the play. I would, respectfully, say that's a load of old bollocks. It's a funny play ANYWAY, there's LOADS of gags in it and if you MISS them then that's you're own fault for confusing Intellegence with DULLARDRY. They made the absolute MOST of them AND made things I'd never thought of as funny before get BIG LARFS. Not just English Teacher Laughs either, but proper LARFS. I was amazed, it was GRATE!

Halfway through the people sat behind us had a bit of a moan - a moan clearly meant to be heard by everyone around them. "Oh, but it's a play about cruelty, they seem to have missed the point." I nearly turned around and DEBATED the point with them - it CAN be, but it's also about friendship and The Things We Do To Make Life Less Unbearable, which very MUCH came across - but Chris got us an ice cream so I ate that instead.

The second half was even better - in many places they were channelling the spirit of ERIC AND ERNIE - and at the end they even did a dance routine during the bows. After THAT the fire alarms all went off. We'd been warned this would happen as we'd gone in, and everybody shuffled out EXACTLY as slowly as they otherwise might have done, but with slightly less chatting.

THEN we went and stumbled upon The Ship And Shovell, which was LOVELY, had a PIZZA, walked up to The Ship in Holborn and then HIKED up to St Pancras to drop Chris off. By the end of it i was exhausted - exhausted, yet FULL OF CULTURE!

posted 21/5/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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