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On Monday I got home to find the latest issue of Rock N Reel (or R2, as it's now called) waiting for me. I was VERY excited to see it as I've been SCOURING newsagents for it for weeks - it's always a bit difficult to find, but this time I think I may have been foxed COMPLETELY by the change of title and logo. The especial reason for my search was that we were meant to be on the covermount CD and LO! there we were! We've never done anything like this before, so it was all RATHER exciting.

Even MORE exciting was the ADVERT inside - something ELSE we've never done, but which looked TERRIFICALLY PROPER when i flipped through. I don't know if either that or the song on the CD will actually persuade anybody to BUY it, but even if not it's definitely been worth the Very Reasonable Sum Of CA$H just to see us looking like a Proper Band!

And talking of which - we're going to be entering ourselves into a COMPETITION in a few weeks. I don't want to go on about it too much for fear of JINXING any already LUDICROUSLY MINISCULE chances we have of getting ANYWHERE with it, except to say that one of the items you need to send in is a DVD of any VIDOES you have made for songs on the album. I spent a difficult hour or so early yesterday trying to get Windows DVD Maker to work, and then an OVERJOYED 15 minutes a) discovering it HAD worked and b) watching some of our VIDOES on THE BIG SCREEN.

Well, the portable telly in our kitchen, so not THAT big, but still - I was AMAZED by how GRATE they looked. I haven't watched ANY of them for AGES (apart from to snip bits out for the Album Advert), so had forgotten how - excuse my vanity - ACE they are. There's SO MUCH in them, how did I ever find the time to do all THAT?

It looked so good and was, in retrospect, so PEASY that I'm now seriously considering doing a proper DVD of ALL of our vidoes. It won't be for a good while yet, mind you, but it'd be GRATE, wouldn't it?

posted 20/5/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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As I said yesterday on Twitter, I would gladly pay cash money for a proper DVD of all your videos.
With or without the Alan Moore song as an extra (preferably with of course!!)
So yes it would most definatley by GRATE
posted 20/5/2009 by lairdofdarkness

If (when?) we do it, The Alan Moore Song will DEFINITELY be there!
posted 21/5/2009 by MJ Hibbett

Didn't we buy the rights to that live DVD at the Bull & Gate a few years ago? EXTRAS!
posted 21/5/2009 by Francis

Glad to see you like the mag and the new name!. Love the new album. Expect a glowing review next issue. Just reviewed it now. Working on a Sunday!-the fun just never stops.
Sean (R2)
posted 24/5/2009 by Sean McGhee

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