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Blog: The Day After Album Of The Day Day

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PHEW! What a day of EXCITEMENT, also Listening To The Radio it was yesterday! As stated, I was up at 7am and GLUED to the radio to catch the first play, which was for We're Old And We're Tired (and we want to go home) on the Breakfast Show. It was pretty clear that neither Danny Wallace nor his co-presenter had a clue who we were or what the song was, but they DID read out the full list of who we are which was a) GRATE because it included "Tom 'Tiger' McClure" (which I always enjoy) and b) TREND SETTING as they joked that Emma and Tim were twins...

A dash to work and then I found myself listening to the George Lamb show. If anyone ever says to me "Pah! Being an International Rock Star is an EASY JOB!" I will point out to them that i have PAID MY DUES, by listening to almost ALL of a George Lamb show. I know it's not DESIGNED for people like me - over 25, trousers properly pulled up, likes music, can string a sentence together - but still, CRIKEY. I am using TACT here when I say I Can See Why Some People Get So Worked Up About It.

Still, when he eventually DID play our song it was all very exciting, and Do The Indie Kid sounded GRATE when it kicked in. I was all excited, and then EVEN MORE SO when it got to The Music Of The Future. As usual I'd forgotten it was coming up, and was DELIGHTED to think that THIS was going out in the middle of George Lamb's show! HOO HAA!

The presenter himself was not QUITE so delighted, as he STOPPED the track before it ended, much to the pleasure of his "posse", blew a referee's whistle and then said something in SPANISH. I was hoping it was something derogatory which we could have used on POSTERS - someone like George Lamb thinking we're rubbish is probably worth MORE than the approval of someone who people Actively Like - but it turns out that all he said was "enough is enough". He can't even be RUDE properly! Still, the fact that The Music Of The Future BLEW his TINY MIND is something i may possibly referring to in future live appearances. SHABBA.

Things were significantly more pleasant when we got to Nemone, who TRAILED the Album of The Day with GRATE excitement - it sounded like we were a Proper Band and EVERYTHING! Much to the surprise of The Validators she played My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once (we thought Steve Lamacq might have BAGSIED that one) and then afterwards read the names of the bands out again... including "Emma Pattison and her brother Tim."

Had Danny Wallace put this in people's minds, I wonder? One e-mail and a couple more songs and Nemone read out a CORRECTION! It was all very lovely, also quite sweet and funny! BLESS!

By this point there was a Validator POOL going on to work out who'd play what, and we'd pretty much agreed that, surely, Mr Lamacq would play Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid... but no! Much to our surprise he played Red Black Gold, which, if you'll pardon my lack of humility, sounded UTTERLY GRATE! Especially when it got to the end with all the russian stuff, it was BRILL!

He was, as ever, SUPER GRATE about it all, and had clearly read the BOOKLET that explained the stuff about Kremlin funded service stations. He gave out tour dates and then read an HIGHLY COMPLIMENTARY email from someone called Johnny (I'm guessing it was Kooba Radio's Jonathan Yes, perhaps?) who'd been to the launch gig. It was all VERY exciting and a LOVELY way to end the day.

Or so we thought - but I've just Listened Again to Marc Riley's show and although he didn't play anything he DID mention us... because Frankie sent him an email! He did say he'd be in touch about getting us in for a session... but only IF they liked what we do! I did send them a CD, so he may just have been being polite (and he may have had a producer on the other side of the room VIGOROUSLY SHAKING HER HEAD as he said so!), but I'm off to the post box with another one in a minute anyway. You never know!

And so THAT was Album Of The Day Day. It was all EXTREMELY exciting but goodness me I don't know how Coldplay or U2 cope with being on all day EVERY day - by the end of it i was KNACKERED!

posted 15/5/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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