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Blog: Review Round-Up!

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There's a few more reviews up now, so let's have a look at what we've got, along with reviews OF the reviews!
Sweeping The Nation
I was really chuffed about this one, especially as they included This Is The Soundcheck as a download AND the Dinosaur Planet poster.

A Layer Of Chips
Balanced, fair... all right, LOVELY review!

John Kell vs Satan
Typically in-depth and thoughtful review from Mr Kell - and though I take his point, I do wish he hadn't mentioned Thatcher!

The Morning Star
EXCELLENT use of parallel universes!

nice review featuring TIGER-LOVE, but blimey, he does seem to know someone who REALLY doesn't like ME!

another in-depth and nice one, though One Of The Walls Of My House Fell In isn't about DIY, honest!

BBC Music Review
why do some people think a song being "funny" means it can't be anything else at the same time? And why do some people think singing about ACTUAL LIFE EVENTS is "mundane" while YET ANOTHER LOVE SONG or some twerp saying War Is A Bad Thing as if it's a revelation is somehow "important"? Apart from that, "'as wise as it is poignant' - BBC Music Reviews" will be on a LOT of our future press releases!

Phoenix FM
Another very nice one, somewhat shorter too!

a typical unpeeled RANT - GRATE!

Tasty Fanzine
Extra points for full comprehension of Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid!

Paul Coletti
man who does not want to anyone to think he is a geek slags off geeks but GIVES HIMSELF AWAY by KNOWING TOO MUCH.

"Not Indiepop". COVER BLOWN!

Tell The Internet
I like reviews where the reviewer has actually paid for the album he's talking about - parting with cash makes you think properly about whether it was actually WORTH it. If all reviewers had to PAY for their CDs there'd be a lot less nonsense - luckily, in this case he thought it WAS worth it. PHEW!

And that's all the ones I know about for now - that's quite a few though isn't it? I thought there'd been hardly any, but that's pretty good and most of them seem to like the album too. HOORAH!

If anyone would like to review my review of these reviews feel free, but do note I may review your review of my review of these reviews, AND SO FORTH UNTIL TIME ITSELF DOTH END!

posted 12/5/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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