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Blog: Further Adventures In ROCK

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This lunchtime I wandered into London's NOTORIOUSLY SHADY Soho district, to deliver some copies of the album to the synchronisation agency that John The Publisher is ALLIED with. As I walked down Old Compton Street I thought "This feels really COOL, like something an Independent Musician might get up to in a FILM." I had VISIONS of their office being down a shady ALLEYWAY, and going up to their office to find MEDIA TYPES like off the telly, but thought to myself "No, Hibbett, get thyself not all excited. It will probably be an anonymous office building where you will simply leave your box of CDs at the door."

I arrived to find their office was DOWN A SHADY ALLEYWAY - behind an ANN SUMMERS SHOP! HOORAH! I rang the door bell and was invited IN, going upstairs to find the two chaps EXACTLY as I'd hoped - practically JUMPING UP AND DOWN with enthusiasm while wearing Fancy Jeans! EVEN BETTER they said "HEY! We've got a project on the go RIGHT NOW! What do you think to THIS?!?"

It was BRILLIANT. Sometimes The Gods Of ROCK smile down upon you and say "LO! And today it SHALL be exactly as if you were in a Richard Curtis Film or something!"

posted 26/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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