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Blog: That's No Moon...

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Just as I start to glimpse, far off in the distance, a chink of daylight which MAY be the first hint of not the beginning of the end, but at least the end of the beginning of the Regardez Ecoutez et Repetez Preparation Onslaught, the NEXT GRATE Media Project HOVES into view.

For LO! The first deadline for signing up for the Edinburgh Fringe is next weekend. You don't HAVE to get all your details in by next Friday, but if you leave it any longer than that you have to pay another ninety quid or something, which does rather focus the MIND on getting it sorted out. THUS my colleague Mr S Hewitt and I have BANDIED ABOUT a paragraph to go in to advertise Dinosaur Planet, and have come up with THIS:
Sixty million years ago dinosaurs disappeared, and now they're back! A new one-man Rock Opera from indie legend MJ Hibbett ('Genius' - Steve Lamacq). It's War Of The Worlds with more dinosaurs, more jokes and a better ending.

Does that sound sufficiently INTRIGUING? I THINK it does - I'm especially fond of the bit about it having a better ending than War Of The Worlds, not least because the ending I've thought of it DOUBLE OMG MIND BLOWING WHOO (hopefully) - and I reckon it might possibly at least TANTALISE a few people. The next thing we have to sort out is how much we're going to charge and, crucially, which SECTION we're going to put it in. Music? MUSICALS AND OPERA? Or do we - DARE we - stick it in the Comedy section this time?

We're doing Dinosaur Planet's, illustrious predecessor, My Exciting Life In ROCK at The Salmon & Compass this Sunday afternoon (details on the GIGS page - it's more than likely going to be the last chance to see it in London, at least for this year, so do come along if you're local, haven't seen it yet, and would LIKE to) so with any luck we WON'T just drink The Guiness but WILL get it sorted out. Tune to this station on Monday to find out how we get on!

posted 20/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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