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Blog: Off To Edinburgh

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Before I go any further, apologies if I seemed slightly GRUMPY in that bit about Cambridge. I got a lovely email from Mr A Smith who said he'd been there and enjoyed it - which made me feel BAD as he'd then gone online and seen me slightly SLAGGING it off. Sorry about that - it was my FOURTH NIGHT OUT IN A ROW (ROCK!) and so I was KNACKERED, also SLIGHTLY GROUCHY.

The full EFFECT of this was felt chez moi over the weekend INSOMUCH as I did do quite a bit of the old RELAXING, often involving sitting in bed watching my EXCITING new DVD Purchase: Series One of DEEP SPACE NINE. MAN OH MAN but that was a GRATE series - I'd thought that the first couple of series would be a GRUELLING SLOG through a load of old rubbish, but on viewing I realised that my memories were tainted by watching V*y*g*r and that ACTUALLY Deep Space Nine was BRILLIANT right from the very start. It is ACE!

ANYWAY, even during this MASSIVE GEEK ACTION there was ROCK, as I did some more work in Dinosaur Planet, writing a new song with several ACTUAL JOKES in it. It's a song about the obliteration of Peterborough in a massive BATTLE, so, really, HILARITY would be very difficult to exclude.

This was spurred on by the news that we are now BOOKED for this year's Fringe! HOORAH! We'll be doing Dinosaur Planet at The Medina again, from Friday August 7 to Saturday August 15 (no show on the Tuesday tho) at 7pm 7-13 and at 3.30pm on the last two days. KER-ZANG! I am WELL chuffed about this - for a while it looked like we might not be able to do the second weekend, but now all is SORTED and all I've got to do now is finish writing it! How hard can it be, right?

posted 16/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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