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Blog: The Phil Wilson Big Band

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The Ink On My Hand Stamp and I headed to The City Of London after work last night, to visit Gramaphone. We were there to see Mr Phil Wilson's band, and had a GRATE time of it. The ever delightful WILSONS were in full attendance, and it was lovely as PER to see them, and the band just keeeeps on getting better. They've just done a tour of Germany where they were treated to many BUFFETS and, perhaps as a direct result of this, although possibly not, they have returned, like The Beatles after Hamburg, a MIGHTY ROCKING UNIT. They really were fantastic, and they had a new song ("I had to write one because I knew you'd tell me off if I didn't" said Phil beforehand - THE POWER!) which was HUGE. I'm going to have to tell him off MORE in future, I am EAGER for an album!

Rather brilliantly the other bands we saw were GRATE - we came in to find The Fallen Leaves on stage, who sounded BRILL (man oh man, the guitarist played SO FAST it was like he had eight hands all playing together) and LOOKED like a proper band from off the telly. They even bought their own Posh Microphone to complete the LOOK. ALSO they had a GRATE bass player, who played proper Lead Bass, it was MOST exciting.

The next band, The Spencer McGarry ... er... somethings, weren't quite as ELECTRIFYING sounding but were very good indeed for a band who seemed to be just starting out - i THINK this to be the case because, we soon realised, they did appear to have a few parents in the audience. I know this ISN'T what bands want people to think of them but AAAH, it was really SWEET, ESPECIALLY the bass player who spent the whole gig looking INCREDIBLY nervous about everything but simultaneously REALLY REALLY EXCITED to be playing. It was heart-warming to see someone obviously doing a gig for ALL the right reasons, it made you WANT them to do well, just so his excitement/apprehension was rewarded.

And then we didn't see much of the other band, due to BEER, then Phil came on and was GRATE. It was a fantastic night, HOORAH!

posted 13/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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