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Blog: Who Watches The Watchmen? ME!

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Like the great migration of SALMON, this week Gentlemen Of A Certain Age And Inclination have moved EN MASSE, as if SIGNALLED, towards the cinema to see WATCHMEN and I am no exception. After WEEKS of anticipation I finally went to see it last night, with my oldest friend in the WORLD Mr Steven Carter.

He'd booked us tickets at the IMAX in Greenwich - I was under the impression that an IMAX is like one of those massive DOME CINEMAS you get at amusement parks and in MUSEUMS (largely because my brother works in one, in a museum) so was a little DISAPPOINTED to be told that, actually, it's just a very very big screen. This came on TOP of a rather annoying LONG QUEUE for POPCORN in the lobby, which was full of very annoyed people who, you know, wanted to see their FILMS.

My HARRUMPHING was very swiftly ended when we arrived on the very top floor to discover that we got FREE POPCORN! Free popcorn! AND you were allowed DRINKS! We strode through to discover a) the film had just started (so I'll have to go again - DRAT!) and b) we had IMMENSE chairs to sit in. It was like going in the first class compartment at the PICTURES!

I must say I didn't really notice any big difference to a normal cinema - well, apart from the comfy seats and that - but apparently that's the IDEA. It was all SO VERY WELL TUNED that I didn't notice, tho we WERE sat right at the back so maybe the MIND BLOWING happens more if you're right at the front.

Also, to be fair, I was a bit distracted by the fact that OH MY GOOD GOD IT'S WATCHMEN MADE INTO A FILM! It was AMAAAAAAZING, especially having just finished reading it - even TINY little things like Laurie's snow globe which - SPOILERS - doesn't really festure in the film in the same HUGE way as in the book - is THERE on top of the telly for you to JUST notice. It was ALL like that, it was GRATE.

The whole thing was pretty GRATE I must say - once my BRANE calmed down a bit (not a lot, but a bit) from going "AAAAARGH! LOOK! It's EXACTLY LIKE THE COMIC!" (JINKIES - it really was, especially EVERYTHING to do with Archie The OwlMobile) I really really enjoyed it. It's a bit long, but most of the bits cut out made sense (especially going STRAIGHT TO MARS without passing GO, althought I MISSSED all the bits with The Newsvendor and all the people on the streetcorner, those were my favourite bits!) and the ending... HA! OF COURSE! I was VERY worried about it, but when it happens you think "Oh yes! That makes a LOT more sense!"

PHEW! We came out GOGGLING with a) relief b) PLEASURE, it had been GRATE. Well worth waiting for, it was just so well done - especially the "normal" superhero bits. If they ever decide to go MAD and make a sequel I would pay GOOD MONEY for "Nite Owl And Silk Spectre" - the bits with them superheroing were THE BEST SUPERHERO MOVIE ... EVER! SO VERY GOOD!

So yes, all in all I would say WE CAN ALL NOW RELAX. Now, when's the special DVD with ADDED PIRATES out? I WANTS it!

posted 12/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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