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Blog: Battling Bravely On

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Apologies for the lack of THRILLING UPDATES the last few days, I've been a bit poorly. Only a bit poorly, but still, ENOUGH poorly to mean sitting in bed watching DVDs was even MORE of a good idea than it normally would be!

In the meantime, do you remember, gentle reader, a little while ago when I was writing and re-writing a song called Data Storage Thing for an online advert? Well it's FINALLY online and looking rather fabulous. LOOK!

I must admit there's sizable chunks of that where i have NO IDEA what they're talking about... But also sizable chunks where i DO, also where i think "OOOH! COOOOL!" Especially when he opens EVERYTHING. ZANG!

posted 9/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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Is there somewhere we can buy or download the song?
posted 10/3/2009 by Anonymous

The use of the word "spin" is surely a complete misnomer - as the whole point of Solid State Disk is that it DOESN'T spin. Also - why would it "put other processors to shame". A disk and a processor are not really in competition are they? Two very different things I'd have thought. Other than that...GRATE! Hope they paid you well!
posted 10/3/2009 by Francis

The song went through about five re-writes - initially the whole point of the song was that SSDs don't spin, hence the chorus was making out that the only thing that DID spin would be yr HEAD... but I don't know if that's clear from the final version.

As for the rest of yr point - i am too much of a MAN to understand computers, with me it is all SPORT and FIGHTING!
posted 10/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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