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Blog: Snow Business

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Greetings from SNOW-LOCKED LONDON, where I have bravely - some would say heroically, i wouldn't necessarily go that far - stayed at HOME today, rather than deprive valuable emergency workers/nurses/ORPHANS of what valuable travel resources remain. Instead I have chosen to Work From Home - not "Work from home" I should add, I actually brought some work home for the weekend which I'm now finishing off. Yes, for the weekend, that's right: I AM CAPTAIN DILIGENT.

It's actually been another weekend of HUGE ROCK ADMIN, as all sorts of plans are starting to reach various MILESTONES, not least plans for this weekend when we're doing My Exciting Life In ROCK in Leicester. ASTONISHINGLY word reaches us this morning that tickets for the Friday night have almost SOLD OUT! I guess there'll be tickets on the door, but as of today 38 of the 40 tickets available in advance have GONE! COR!

Don't worry tho, Midland Gig Goers - 39 of the 40 tickets for Saturday are still VERY available! PHEW!

posted 2/2/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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