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ve now got the LATEST version of the new album on my iPod - featuring more tambourine, ukelele, SEGUES and, perhaps most excitingly, a NEW version of The Music Of The Future for Do The Indie Kid - and I must say it is sounding RATHER GOOD, also NEARLY FINISHED.

HOWEVER, do not think we are grinding to a halt on the ACTION front, there is PLENTY going on. And not just for the album either - although, GOODNESS ME, it is a FRENZY of activity working on the packaging and EXTENSIVE multimedia section - for LO! last night DINOSAUR PLANET made a GRATE STRIDE towards becoming reality.

As with most of the best things in life this occurred in THE PUB, where my colleague Mr Hewitt and I met to have our first Proper Meeting. During this we decided on a VENUE (the same as last year), accomodation (the same as last year), SHOWTIME (one hour later than last year) and Length Of Run (4 days more than last time). It was MIGHTILY FRUITFUL. We also agreed that the proposed appearance at this year's Brighton Fringe would mark the end of My Exciting Life In ROCK (for now at least), and that we'd probably kick off Dinosaur Planet at the Southend Fringe.

PHEW! It was a LOT of Decision Making, and will mean we're quite busy getting all that sorted out. But surely, you must be asking, you've got to HAVE something called "Dinosaur Planet" if you're planning to parade it around like this? Well, YES, we DO got to have it, and BY GOLLY we very nearly DO. I've been vaguely thinking about the PLOT since last summer but have always got a bit bogged down with the BACK STORY, also for some reason having LARA CROFT be in it. There seemed to be a LOT of saying "ah, but then he PUBLISHED the academic paper?" and not enough FITES with DINOSAURS. Also, precious little EXPLOSIONS.

HOWEVER on Wednesday night I had a sudden BRANESTORM and had to even get out of BED to write it all down. This was followed by a MAD RUSH of THORT on Thursday morning which resulted in me pretty much working out the WHOLE THING. I am happy to announce that this almost entirely NEW version of Dinosaur Planet features not only INSIGHT, RICH CHARACTERISATION and FASCINATING SCIENTIFIC SUGGESTIONS, but also LOADS of FITES with DINOSAURS and GIANT ROBOTS. And a NUCLEAR BAZOOKA!

I'm rather pleased with it I must say, it does appear to make NARRATIVE SENSE and there's ample opportunity to stick songs in. I've got FOUR lined up already, "Don't Make Me Work In The Real World", "We Are The Giant Robots", "Don't, Darren, Don't" and "It's Not Nice To Eat Your Friends", with Nobody Believed It (in slightly rejigged form) and of course (theme from) Dinosaur Planet already in the big. HA! That's halfway there already, writing epic science fiction ROCK OPERAS is PEASY!

posted 16/1/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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Looking forward to this! Them are some fantastic song titles, right there!
posted 16/1/2009 by Pete Green

Cheers dear - I wish they were more than JUST song titles!!
posted 17/1/2009 by MJ Hibbett

one is also a book - you probably don't need to read it!
posted 19/1/2009 by Ne

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