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And so we draw the STAT ATAK to a close for another year. Before we do though, I'd just like to mention that if anybody has any QUESTIONS, either about issues raised by these statistics OR INDEED any other aspect of The Validators, do please leave a comment on the end of this post. I've got a couple of queries already, so I'm going to do an ANSWERS session on Monday - if you've got a BURNING THORT let me know by close of play Sunday in this fashion and I shall attempt to SORT IT OUT.

Anyway, back to some FACTS, starting with an old favourite, MONTHS we played gigs in:

Gigs By Month (overall)

FASCINATINGLY this both reinforces and DEFIES certain ideas I have about when I play most gigs. I've always known that October is SUPER BUSY, as that's when everyone is back from holidays (school, college or just holiday holidays) and it's not too cold for FUN. Similarly I was very aware that January and February are always quiet because everybody's too busy doing CHRISTMAS to organise anything, and that March is extra busy because people START organising stuff for then when they come back from Christmas holidays. What surprises me, however, is that there's no appreciable JUMP for December, which i've always thought of as busy, and that July and August are some of the busiest weeks GOING. I always reckoned on that being PRIME SUMMER when the students have completely run out of money so nobody puts any gigs on, but CLEARLY i was incorrect.

All this talk of GIGS leads me to wonder - who's PLAYED at these 72 gigs I've done this year? Let's have a VLAD FACT!

Validator Activity 2008
Tom - 11 gigs
Tim - 11 gigs
Emma - 9 gigs
Frankie - 7 gigs

Cleator Moor Validators are GO! In Real Terms this means we played only SIX gigs at full strength, two as a four piece, three with just three of us and two in DUOS. The other FIFTY NINE i did all on my lonesome! This, i feel, may well be a different story next year, when we is hopefully ON THE ROAD.

And finally, we've had our names so let's have a look at the names of people on the mailing list, JUST FOR A BIT OF FUN. Here's the top 30ish first names:

1: Dave/david (29)
2: Andy/Andrew (28)
2: John/Johnny/Jon/Jonathan/Joni (28)
4: Cris/Chris/Christophe/Christopher (24)
5: Mark (22)
5: Paul (22)
6: James/Jamie/Jim/Jimmy (20)
6: Steven/Stephen (20)
8: Bob/Rob/Robbie/Robert (15)
8: Dan/Daniel (15)
10: Mike/Michael (15)
10: Thom/Thomas/Tom/Tommy (15)
12: Ian (12)
12: Mat/Matt/Matthew (12)
14: Nic/Nicholas/Nick/Nico (10)
14: Pete/Peter (10)
16: Anthony/Antony/Tony (9)
16: Gary/Garry/Gareth (9)
18: Phil/Philip/Phillipe (8)
18: Tim/Timothy (8)
20: Alex/Alexander (7)
20: Catherine/Cathy/Kat/Kate/Kath/Katherine/Kathryn (7)
20: Jo/Joe (7)
20: Martin (7)
24: Ben/Benjamin (6)
24: Lee (6)
24: Ricardo/Rich/Richard/Ricky (6)
24: Sam/Samuel/Samy (6)
24: Stuart (6)
24: Will/William (6)

Some pretty STOUT names there, I think you'll agree. INTERESTINGLY my own name WAS joint first with Paul until I factored in alternate spellings, when the fact that both names can only really be changed by adding a "y" at the end meant they lost out to the Dave/Davids, the Andy/Andrews and the many and multiple versions of John and Chris. Also of note is the fact that there's hardly ANY ladies' names on the list - there ARE women on my mailing list, honest (18.3% of people on the list are female), it's just that names for girls are a LOT more varied. Mind you, in twenty years time pretty much NOBODY will share a name with anybody else, in my Proper Job we do a lot of work with BABIES and GOODNESS ME but they have some funny old names!

Anyway, that's your LOT for pre-planned STATS for this year - but if you've any questions, FACT me!

posted 8/1/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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