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Right then, I'm sat back at the WORKSTATION (whoo! work! yippee!) and ready to ROCK. Today is the REAL start to the year i reckon - the Christmas Decorations are coming down, the Christmas/New Year period is FINALLY finished (ending triumphantly for us with a LOVELY trip down to Cornwall at the weekend) and we're all back to work with beautifully BLANK diaries, ready to be filled up with GOODNESS.

If all goes to plan it's going to be a BIG and BUSY year round here. The new album is SO nearly finished that it is AGONISING - we're not booked in to do the final mastering on February 7th, which means it should hopefully be OUT by May, with GIGS t follow. I had a listen to some of it again this morning on the way to work , it sounds BRILLIANT, honest!

The SHOW of My Exciting Life In ROCK will be happening some more, at the Leicester Comedy Festival on February 6 and 7th, then hopefully in Liverpool, Southend and Brighton. I'm thinking of maybe doing a FINAL performance in That London before it all gets packed away ready for the NEXT show...

... Which will of course be Dinosaur Planet! So far I have a theme tune and... Er... That's about it, but there's plenty of time to get THAT sorted out, right?

I'm also going to have a go at finally sitting myself down and writing THE BOOK - that is, the one I was going to write a few years ago which didn't happen and turned into the aforementioned Edinburgh Show. I've got the new first chapter in my HEAD and a pretty clear idea of the second half, as it'll be basically what's IN the show, but need to do a bit of work on the early bits. The show contains nothing from before 1997, largely because the Pop Art BLOG that it was partly based on started then, so I need to go WAY BACK to get some of the other stories sorted out.

And with that in mind, when the BLOG returns TOMORROW we'll be going back - WAY WAY BACK - to 1982, to the very START of My Exciting Life In ROCK and The Masters Of Nothing. I'm really looking forward to doing these stories, especially when we get to VOON in a few weeks. LOTS of stories there!

And on top of all that I'm still going to be trying to write some songs for ADVERTS (if only so I can continue to get ANNOYED when I see the final versions on telly with OBVIOUSLY INFERIOR songs attached) and am going to try and do WRITING-style-WRITING for places like Maps Magazine and, really, anyone else who'd like me to do it.

WHOLE LOT OF ACTION, I think you'll agree - it's going to be a GRATE year, I reckon, and it all carries on tomorrow with a return to STATS! STATS!

posted 5/1/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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