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Blog: Super Dynamic Weekend Action

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I had a lovely weekend of a) staying at home and b) ACTION, as I FORGE FORWARD on several fronts of ROCK.

On Saturday morning I went over to Wansted Flats to do some FIELD RECORDINGS with my little digital four track and the tiny stereo microphone I bought on eBay ages ago but have never really got much use out of. It came into its own this time (largely because I finally worked out how to use it properly) as I recorded some leaves scrunching underfoot followed by wind rustling through trees, birdsong and, in the distance, a kids football match. I also found a GRATE page of Russian Militiary Music and old soviet radio broadcasts, which we might use on Red Black Gold. Now all I need to do is work out some FANTASTIC FOUR quotes for Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid and record a HEN NIGHT for All The Good Men. YIKES!

Talking of the album, NEGOTIATIONS continued apace with our Producer as to running order, possible additions to the tracklisting, and indeed the COVER. It turns out both Tim and I had had a similar idea, of using a French Textbook on the template, and he had INDEED bought one a little while ago whilst on a trip to London. It looks GRATE!

I also did quite a bit of PREP for our next release, the downloadable single of The Advent Calendar Of FACT. I editted together rough versions of all the choruses for the VIDOE and started making the Advent Calendar we'll be using for the verses - according to my ROCK SCHEDULE I'm going to have this all finished by next weekend. This, I feel, is somewhat optimistic.

And finally, as well as all that I continued my CHARITY WORK i.e. my sponsored moustache grow for Movember. As CHARITY WORK goes it's pretty easy, just growing a moustache is not exactly marathon running, but i do keep forgetting I've got it. "Why is that person glaring at my LIP?" i think. "Oh, right". I've got a couple of pictures up on my justgiving page now, if anyone fancies a) a look b) donating some CA$H. Especially if anyone fancies the latter, I don't want to look this daft for nothing!!

posted 10/11/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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