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Blog: Hitting The Century

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As regular readers will hopefully remember, every Tuesday and Thursday for just over a year I've been writing about My Exciting Life In ROCK on the Pop Art Digest. I originally intended to do it for a couple of months and see how it went, but I've somehow managed to now do A HUNDRED episodes!

And I must say, it's worked out rather fantastically that EPISODE 100 is pretty much my FAVOURITE of ALL the tales of My Exciting Life In ROCK - the one about me going through the wrong hotel door in Glasgow, as related in the STAGE VERSION of My Exciting Life In ROCK.

Every month or two I think about packing in these stories, as I gradually get closer to the present day - the vague plan is to try and get ahead of myself (I try to write them the week before they're due to go up so i can - PROFESSIONALISM - go back and edit them a bit before putting them online) a bit then go BACK BACK BACK and do the stories of my earliest bands, like The Masters Of Nothing and VOON. Goodness KNOWS there are a LOT of stories to be told there. I've just his quite a RICH SEAM of TALES now though, so it might be a while yet.

My other idea is to RE-edit the stories and start putting them out as a sort of fanzine. I don't know if this is a good idea or not though - the main reason for wanting to do it, to be honest, is so's I can use the really nice print shop round the corner - and don't know if anyone would actually want to BUY such a thing. Maybe it'll be something for the New Year!

posted 6/11/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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