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Blog: Edinburgh: Day Four

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After a morning sat around the flat relaxing we headed into town, where The Hewitts went for a bit of shopping and The Head On My Guinness and I nipping into The Albanach for a cheeky drink. 15.10 came around and I mooched across the road to the Lower Stage to find that, amazingly, there was far LESS demand for a slot than the other day when it HADN'T been TIPPING it down with rain. I clambered up, got out my ukelele, and did THIS:
  • Red & White Sockets
  • I Did A Gig In New York
  • Back For Good
  • Boom Shake The Room
  • Easily Impressed
  • Back For Good

  • Yes, I did do Back For Good twice - having CURTAILED I Did A Gig In New York (because, although CLEANED UP, it was going on a bit and not attracting anybody) I decided to go for COVERS, and by the end of Boom Shake The Room had actually managed to attract a CROWD! It was quite exciting - "I'm actually DOING it!" I thought, but then realised I was going to find it difficult to maintain. Easily Impressed got a LITTLE bit of audience participation, but for the end I realised it needed to be COVERS time again, and as it was a very Mobile Audience I realised I could happily get away with Back For Good again - especially as Steve was doing a BIT waving his lighter in the air. It was a GOOD bit!

    Job done we went and got some tickets, for Mark Watson later on and, for myself and The Beam Of My Heat Ray, WAR OF THE WORLDS. I was VERY excited about this as i LOVE War Of The Worlds, both the original and the Jeff Wayne version, which this was advertised as BEING. I was expecting a cheeky sort of version as one man (it being a one man show) HUMOROUSLY tried to reenact it. However, it was DEADLY serious, VERY Actorly with VIBRATO singing throughout. It was all very sweet though, especially when he came back on at the end and thanked us for coming, but REALLY not what I was expecting!

    Back to Medina and we got set up ready for an audience of about SEVEN this time and another THOROUGHLY enjoyable show. I added in a new bit quoting OTWAY's GRATE advice for A Career In Music (anyone who's ever met me will know what I mean as I quote it ENDLESSLY) and Steve FOOLISHLY going for a wee during Do The Indie Kid, so that I made him DEMONSTRATE the dance step when he came back. It were FUNNY!

    We then LOPED off down the road to see Mark Watson - Steve CUNNINGLY decided the best way to spend the night's door money was on BOOZE, so while The Ladies queued up we went and spent THE LOT (well, nearly) on BEER. HOORAH! We got back to the queue just in time and went into the MASSIVE venue - I'd never heard of Mark Watson before, but 799 other people seemed to have done, it was amazing, and he was BRILLIANT. He did a lengthy bit talking to the audience IN the audience at the start which, unlike nearly every other time I've seen it done, was REALLY funny, and then he went on to do a GRATE set. The only thing i didn't like was that, like most other people I've seen, he finished by saying "Er... that's it." Come on Modern Young Comedians, give me a bit of STRUCTURE!

    He was GRATE tho, and we popped back to the Pleasance Courtyard for a final drink before The Hewitts went off to another show and The Punchline To My Joke and i went home. Edinburgh, it's BRILLIANT!

    posted 11/8/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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