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Blog: And We're OFF!

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At last, today's the day when everything gets GOING! Earlier on I emailed the Mailing List with an EARLY BIRD OFFER, to allow them to get copies of the new single early, should they wish. I've just had confirmation that it WILL be available to buy from July 21st on Amazon, HMV etc, and it'll be on the site from then too. HOOPLA!

We've also launched the VIDEO for the new single today - if you've been reading this over the past few months you'll know we've been working VERY HARD INDEED on it, and the results are now on YouTube, HERE:

This is ALSO all tied in to the Press Launch for My Exciting Life In ROCK, which is happening tonight in the downstairs bar at The Cross Kings in London Town. If you fancy coming be sure to be there early, as it all kicks off just after 7pm with the ever fantastic Mr Pete Green, before I go on and do the WHOLE SHOW. Do come if you can - there will be BADGES!

And as if all THAT wasn't enough, there ALSO my "celebrity" MUXTAPE online over at Sweeping The Nation, featuring sleevenotes which I spent most of Sunday morning worrying about!

I think that'll probably do for today!

posted 14/7/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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