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Blog: Easter Action

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Crikey, it has been a LONG weekend! Much of Friday was spent preparing for the arrival of our Very Special Guests, The Pattisons, who were over for a visit, also to ROCK. They arrived Friday evening ready for a Big Day Out on Saturday when we went to look at Harrods (BUSY) before dividing our forces so that The Price Cuts In My Sale and Emma could go off looking at some SHOPS, while Tim and I took The Girls to The Natural History Museum.

Almost unbelievably we were NOT the only people to have this idea and had to queue for AGES to even GET IN. When we did so we decided NOT to queue for even longer to see most of the dinosaurs, so went and looked at everything else instead. They seemed to have decided to throw you in at the deep end by having LOADS of diagrams and models of RUDE BITS as soon as you go in to the first bit (Lola: "that's the inside of someone's bottom!" Edie: "Look! Two willies!") and then make up for it by having a HALL OF KRAZY MIRRORS just afterwards. We were in that bit for a LONG time.

Around we wandered for a couple of hours before heading down for a brief stop in The Science Museum (Apollo 10: GRATE! Stephenson's Rocket: WOW! Small Girls: not quite as impressed as we were) and then HOME, rather knackered. I am amazed that people who have children in their house ALL the time a) don't die of being KNACKERED and b) are ever awake past 8pm.

Sunday found us messing around trying to shoot bits of VIDEO ready for our VIDEO. My favourite aspect of this was discovering that Tom doesn't really know ANY of the words to Do The Indie Kid, not even the chorus. "I don't listen to the words!" he PROTESTED. We also had a couple of run-throughs of "To The End", which we'd be performing later, and then headed off to The Battersea Barge.

For LO! It was here that we were due to perform, at The BritPopArt All-Dayer. We arrived to find loads of lovely people we knew there already, and in PLENTY of time to see the ever-excellent Mr Pete Green. He'd chosen "Inbetweener" by Sleeper, which worked VERY well indeed. We were soon joined by Mr Stu and Mrs Clair Gibb, who took on babysitting duty so that we could go onstage an hour or so later and do THIS:
  • The Lesson Of The Smiths
  • Leave My Brother Alone
  • My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once
  • Mental Judo
  • To The End
  • Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid
  • Do The Indie Kid
  • Easily Impressed

  • It all seemed to go pretty well - the band before us had had VERY loud vocals, which was GOOD, but also slightly worrying in that if WE had that then people MAY JUST have noticed me forgetting words. "To The End" was a bit ropier than it had seemed in practice, but I think it was OK, and I particularly enjoyed an HUGELY EXTENDED gap between The Music Of The Future and the rest of the song in Do The Indie Kid.

    Dr Neil Brown arrived just as we finished, and shortly after THAT The Pattisons set off home, so after hugs galore the rest of us settled into some HEFTY DRINKING. Hmmm. Oh dear me.

    At some point after that I took part in "Line Up In Line", the ongoing gameshow for the day, and volunteered Mrs C "Dicko" Gibb to be a contestant too, as The Voice Of Film Four. BRILIANTLY they got her to do some LINK SPEEK to introduce bits of the quiz - i don't think anyone believed she really WAS The Voice Of Film Four... until she spoke. It was BRILL.

    Also BRILL was the MUSIC - for the first time in YEARS i knew EVERY song that was played, understood ALL the Music Jokes about obscure bands, and heard LOADS of My Favourite Music whilst outside my own house. It was like being young again my dears!

    Later still I was due back on stage to sing "Country House" with the Britpop Allstars. I'd not really worried about this - i'd printed out the words, thought I knew the song, and reckoned it'd be a bit of a drunken free for all. HOWEVER i hadn't counted on two things, 1) everyone else had learnt the songs properly and were doing them really well and 2) i was drunker than expected. Claire came back onstage with me to "help", but i think it may have looked like a fight in a drop-in centre, as the two of us grabbed at the words and BELLOWED random noises into microphones. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Next morning I awoke with VISIONS OF DOOM as I relived the, frankly, appalling mess I made of it. I apologise PROFUSELY to all concerned.

    Rather wonderfully, when I came off, accepting sympathetic handshakes as I went, Mr Pete Green appraised the situation and said "Whisky?" It was NECESSARY.

    Soon after THAT it was time to struggle home, aide by a lift to the station by Tigermobile. Next day I felt REALLY RATHER ILL - it must have been all that walking around on Saturday, right?

    posted 25/3/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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    haha, this is why you need a prompter innit ;)

    sad i couldn't make it down, but was a snotty couch-bound mess for most of the day :(
    posted 25/3/2008 by CarsmileSteve

    No need for VISIONS OF DOOM.. you were GRATE.. i was extremely dizzypished from the start. Curse that Stella on tap!

    Thanks for coming down. Same time next year?

    PhoeniX PhiL
    posted 4/4/2008 by PhoeniX PhiL

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