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It's FINALLY the last working day of the month (January, it takes a LONG time), so I've sent out this month's exciting NEWSLETTER. It's got some quite EXCITING stuff in it about My Exciting Life In ROCK and our NEXT SINGLE, which I don't think i have Officially Revealed before. EXCLUSIVE!

In other news, The Jangle In My Indiepop Band and I headed to CAMDEN again last night, this time to The Enterprise for the Spiral Scratch night there. I'd somehow managed never to go to the Enterprise before, so was STUNNED to discover they served BASS. BASS! One of my favourite beers EVER and VERY rarely seen in That London, even MORE rarely tasting nicer, but this was WELL GOOD. More gigs there AHOY!

We were there to see The Deirdres and Pocketbooks, both of who were GRATE. As ever with The Deirdres it started off sort of ramshackle and self-conscious, and i thought "Hmm, i wonder if these cold hearted londoners will take to them?" but it didn't take long for their JOY DE VIVRE (sp.) and sense of FUN to melt their Metropolitan Ventricles and allow the SONGS themselves to peep over the ramparts, especially "Michael Aspel" which was EXCELLENT. After them Pocketbooks seemed like GLACIALLY COOL Popstars... well, for a bit they did, then my BRANE adjusted and i really REALLY enjoyed them. As stated previously I'd never got a chance to see them LIVE before so was VERY pleased to find them so good - ooh, it was all TUNEY and WORDS and POPPY. ENDEARINGLY, just when it might have been on the verge of OVER PRECISE their (actually, dead good) guitarist broke a string. This had NEVER happened to any of them before, and it appeared than none of them realised a) it sounded funny because breaking one string sends the others out of tune and b) it'd only take a minute to re-tune. This made the last couple of songs sound a bit DISCORDANT and indeed slightly RAUCOUS. HOORAH!

We skidaddled before Sparky's Magic Piano, but I will be back for the BASS, the beautiful BASS... er... and gigs too.

posted 31/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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