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A stroll, a tube, a FUTURISTIC MONO-RAIL, another FUTURISTIC MONO-RAIL and a HIKE and I was eventually in distant LEWISHAM last night, there to attend the Kooba gig which featured Plans & Apologies. Mr R Newman had mentioned it to me last week when were in with him in the studio, and from the way he was speaking of it i was slightly afeated that he and the rest of the band thought it was going to be a Gig In The Big City. I mean, technically Lewisham, like Leytonstone, is IN London, but its streets are hardly thronged with celebrities nor its pubs with A&R Men and Pop Stars.

They all seemed to be in GRATE spirits when I arrived tho, and impressed with the facilities - the Fox IS indeed a SMASHING place, I always have a good time there ESPECIALLY now that they actually sell NICE beer. I had a delightful chat with them as I admired their differently staged BEARDS. They're all growing BEARDS this year, which is a laudable intent, tho some of them were NOTICEABLY hairier than others. I guess that's the way it goes.

Mr J Yeah came in at that point, and thus began my general GADDING ABOUT, as the whole KOOBA KREW (Lewisham Branch) were in effect, and, slightly disconcertingly, Paul and Sarah and, less disconcertingly Nick Who Lives In Lewisham, from The Chemistry Experiment BUNCH. It was GRATE.

Aside from the YAKKING there was also some ROCK in the shape of The Bonsai Kittens, who were dead good - I'd heard them several times on Kooba, but live they were even more good, mostly because of all the talking. I do like a band who'll talk to the audience, and they really WENT for it, keeping going until it got to something funny and then going into song again. INDEED, with their gtr/bass/drum machine POWER DUO line-up it reminded me of a Lady version of VOON.

After that those cheeky Plans & Apologies got up and ROCKED - they've lost their drummer recently (surely he'll be in the last place they put him down?) but this doesn't seem to have had any effect, as their shared the STOOL CHORES between them, and it still sounded as if there were about fifteen different bands all GOING AT every song. They're BLOODY GRATE, and I'm always a bit confused as to why more people haven't heard of them, for LO! if they had they would LOVE them.

It was getting a bit late for me by this point so I said my goodbyes and headed off into the night. My journey there had been a LONG one, mired by the need for a WEE, and the trip home would doubtless be worse on BOTH counts, so I got me a taxi. The taxi driver was from Afghanistan, so we had a LONG discussion about how to Fix The Situation. Our conclusion? People need to talk to each other. So now you know!

posted 20/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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I think I've been in that cabbie's car as well. He's a smart guy!

Thanks for coming to the gig Marky!
posted 31/1/2008 by alex kooba

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