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Blog: Indietracks Vote!

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I've just seen that IndieTracks are planning to have a (nearly) ALL NEW line-up for this years festival BUT are putting it to a Public Vote to see which of last year's acts can come and play again THIS year. So if you're thinking of going this year and would like a SAY in who plays, well, there you go!

If I was to vote, which of course would be wrong, as WE'RE IN THE LIST (not that i was planning on mentioning it) I'd base my decision on who REALLY REALLY wanted to go back and play again. You know, the sort of band who'd mention on their website, for the good of the festival, not as a feeble attempt to get people to vote for THEM or anything. That's all I'm saying!

posted 17/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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