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SCLAIMERS first - although there has obviously been a LOT of HISTORICAL DATA recovered since last year, allowing us to reach back to distant 1988 (over half my lifetime ago. AAAAAARGGHH!!*), we should bear in mind that there are still some sizeable CHUNKS missing, especially around 1994-1996, when I did not keep very good records AT ALL. This problem is doubled because one of the REASONS i didn't keep very good records is that I was out doing GIGS in millions of different bands, so I have a strong suspicion that those years were actually a bit busier than they look. With that in mind, here's THE GRAPH:

Gigs Played

With that in mind, we can see that there's a VAGUELY regular patter of doing 15-25 gigs a year, at least until we get to the KRAZY TIMES of the past three years. What i DO find surprising is that it's not more than that - I remember the 90's (well, i MOSTLY remember the 90's) as a time of constant GIGGING, but compared to now I wasn't doing very much at all. Perhaps the fact that it was nearly all in Leicester made it seem like more than it actually was? It certainly did for the people who LIVED there anyway!

It does make the LEAN years stand out a lot more, with 1998 and 2002 looking even MORE quiet now that we've got the old data in. One DISADVANTANGE of getting the historical data in, I fear, is that I've had to do away with some of the RICHNESS of the information found in last year's stats, when I was able to differentiate between solo, mixed and Validators gigs. Going back to 1998 means we've got LOADS of other line-ups, such as The Masters Of Nothing, Voon, my FORAYS into stand-up comedy, and many many MANY MORE. We can still, however, identify WHEN in the year those gigs happened, and that'll be the subject of our NEXT Stat Blat.

* SIDEBAR: last night I was looking online for the words to "Ask" by The Smiths, and found THIS page, with a rather sweet correspondence at the bottom between, I guess, YOUNG fans who have absolutely no idea what Morrisey's on about when he mentions "the bomb". No matter how ghastly the world gets, it's nice to know that's ONE bloody horrible thing that, if not totally removed, has at least drifted far enough away from IMMINENT THREAT to be unknown to The Kids.

posted 16/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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SIDEBAR: blimey, kids today! god help us if there's a war...
posted 16/1/2008 by CarsmileSteve

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