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Blog: STATS! Average Day Of The Week For Gigs

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Right then, things seem to be ticking along so I think it's about time we got on with the annual STRATAGANZA! For those who wish to cross check the data, last year's stats are still available over here, and I'm going to try and go through and recreate most of the charts and tables from then. THIS time, however, as well as having a whole batch of extra 21st Century information we've ALSO got data going back all the way to the primitive pre-historic times of the 1980s! What was going on, back when we ROCKED 'neath The Shadow Of The Bomb? Here's some FACT!

Average Day Of The Week For Gigs

The reason I do a graph for Day Of The Week is that it's a ROUGH way of showing Progress. Sunday is the crappest day to do a gig, as everyone's knackered from Saturday and/or not wanting to be out before the first day back at work, while Saturday is the BEST for precisely the opposite reasons. THUS we can see from this graph that since 1998, when I first started the SOLO ROCK, I have gradually averaged gigs later and later in the week, getting slightly better gigs as I've moved along. I _think_ the fact that the average goes DOWN after 2004 is because I started doing a HUGE amount more gigs after that, and so the days of the week got a lot more scattered about just so I could fit them in. That's my excuse anyway.

But look at the gigs before then - the peaks in 1994 and 1998 correspond with the heights of Voon Classic and the Voon Reunion gigs when we were playing a LOT, but apparently also playing WELL. Back then we (or I, in the various other bands that I was in at the time) were playing almost ENTIRELY in Leicester, so one could suggest that this is a symptom of the fact that Voon were FAIRLY well known amongst the gigging community in the city at that time, so tended to get asked to do weekend gigs more often. Or maybe everybody just liked Voon more than ME!

Answers may also come from the NUMBER of gigs played - that's next!

posted 15/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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