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There I was listening to the radio yesterday afternoon, when all of a sudden Tom Robinson comes on and says, in a Tom Robinson-y way, "HI! On my show tonight, Ukelele Action with The Bobby McGees!" HOORAH! Thinks I - i must listen! It was GRATE - everything SOUNDED brilliant, as one might expect (tho now augmented with WIND INSTRUMENTS!), but my favourite bits were the INTERVIEW section, which was HILARIOUS - I have known Jimmy for a LONG old while, and so am USED to his CHEEKY-NESS, but Tom Robinson very much wasn't. OH how i LARFED, especially when he fell for the old "Get us on the Glastonbury bill Tom" GAG. As ever, i HIGHLY recommend them to ALL - here's their myspace and here's the Tom Robinson show for Listen Again ACTION - it was Tuesday!

Still full of GRINS from listening to that and thinking "Aaah, hasn't he done well?" I headed off this lunchtime to TRAFALGAR SQUARE in That London. There's this thing called GetReady London (or something like that) which is PARTLY about finding a band to start the Olympic Games off, and they were having a DO in the square to launch it. And of course, if you're going to pick a band to be involved with that, you're going to pick THE FIGHTING COCKS aren't you? Of COURSE!

It was GRATE - I arrived to find a couple of those inflatable tents that look like upside down bouncy castles, with Charlie, Anna and Ilaria standing around outside looking SHIFTY. A lady came on and did some of that Very Pretty But Incredibly DULL Folk Music which, as usual with these sort of ARTISTES, took TEN MINUTES. Ten minutes! When she was done The Cocks LEAPT into action, plugged in their CD, and SPRUNG into their one and only song, The One with "Beer" And "England".

It was FANTASTIC - there was pom poms, there was dancing, there was TOASTING and there was Charlie shouting "COME ON! LOUDER!" at me, Anna's boyfriend, and about twenty BEMUSED tourists, including, at the end, a bunch of teenage boys on a school trip who were QUITE interested when they heard the music and A LOT interested when they saw LADIES DANCING.

I walked back to work with a MASSIVE daft grin on my face - i LOVE gigs like that, you can say what you like about Respected Venues and Prestigious Support Slots,but it's the LUDICROUS gigs that you remember and get to talk about for All Your Years, and they're the ones that make it all FUN. And this time I didn't even have to do it myself!

posted 9/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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