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I'm sure the interweb world at LARGE has already realised this, as they've been clicking REFRESH manically since before Christmas, but just in case - i've started putting new episodes of "My Exciting Life In ROCK" up on the Pop Art Digest. I'm going to keep on with the PLAN to do these every Tuesday and Thursday, and so I'm TRYING to get ahead of myself in the writing of them. My FRANKLY UNLIKELY plan is to get SIX WEEKS ahead of myself so that I can go back TO THE START and write up some of the really old gigs, but as I've only ever managed to get ONE week ahead so far, and always seen that get swallowed up by Not Being Bothered To Do More, it does seem a bit unlikely.

Still, in a New Year bid to show willing I spent a happy hour or so digging back through The Archives, working out which gigs would be worth writing about, and on the way discovered quite a LOT of gigs and, especially, Radio Sessions that were unlogged on The Database Of ROCK. I had a RUDIMENTARY root through a couple of months ago when I started the BLOGGUM and thought I'd dug out all the stories worth telling, but as I've gone through it I've remembered all SORTS of other things. I've now done twenty of them, but have yet to reach item EIGHT on my original list - all these OTHER stories keep popping up, and over the next few weeks there's going to be a LOT about the release of Say It With Words, when i got all excited and told our lovely plugging company, Overground, that I'd do ANY radio sessions, WHEREVER they were. THUS I spent many MANY happy hours on trains to places like Bristol and Middlesborough.

Of course, i've learnt SO much since then, and would NEVER spend about twenty times as long GETTING to and from a gig as I would actually playing it... Which ANTI-REMINDS me, on a totally different TIP: we've booked ourselves an APARTMENT to stay in when we play DURHAM! WE IS THE CLASSY!

posted 8/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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