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Today my head is SPINNING with GIGS, past present and future. Much of the weekend was spent in frenzied discussion of forthcoming Vlads gigs in Durham, Leeds and London, as negotiations and organisation went on to get a surprisingly LARGE number of us into position. Rather delightfully, Tom has suggested that INSTEAD of going to a service station for breakfast on the way back from Durham (where, I am reliably informed, the gig is happening above a CHIPPY - RAH!) we drop into the Black Sheep Brewery instead. Who am i to disagree?

We've also been getting sorted with recording sessions, and appear to have THREE seperate sessions booked now. Going on past evidence i am CONVINCED that almost NONE of them will actually happen, but if they do then we'll be WELL on the way to getting the album DONE, and also MAYBE sorting out tracks for a SINGLE. Again, this may all come to NOUGHT, but it feels good to be CHANNELLING New Year Despond through the New Year OPTIMISM filter and into ACTION! Why, i even had a SINGING PRACTICE on Saturday, i NEVER usually do that. You can probably tell.

Meanwhile, Gigs Of The Past have been concerning me since Mr C Lawson sent me details of the three Ernie & Joe gigs we did, back in the mid-90s. This is a bit of a cloudy period in both our lives - he'd just had a BABY (oh stop it, you know what I mean) and i was in the middle of the BEER AND GOING OUT section of my life, so neither of us can recall much about it - INDEED, i was convinced we only did two gigs, but apparently not. All we both CAN remember with certainty is that, when we played The Pump & Tap, two girls in shiny silver dresses came down the front and danced a lot. Isn't it strange what the MIND recalls eh?

SPURRED ON by that I've had done some research on other gigs, and think I've pretty much tracked down all the Durham Ox Singers gigs as well as some decidely DAFT ones, like the Ashby Magna PopFest (piss-up in someone's back garden) and The Framlingham "Festival" (playing to no-one in a shed, then later members of The Freed Unit fell in a pond). Aaah, happy days!

And during all this, news of GIGS PRESENT - my first gig of the year is another Totally Acoustic night at The Lamb on Lamb Conduit's Street in That London, and I've now got confirmation that my Special Guest will be Sunny Intervals, aka Andy from Pocketbooks. I'm really chuffed to have got him to play, as every time i TRY and see Pocketbooks I'm either poorly, at work, or doing a gig myself, so it'll be GRATE to finally get to see even ONE of them. It should be a good night that one, i am READY to ROCK!

posted 7/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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if yr going to the Black Sheep Brewery, you could go to the theakstons one as well, seeing as how they're back in masham as well these days...
posted 7/1/2008 by CarsmileSteve

Hmmm... this could be a whole new way of booking gigs. Are there any venues in Tadcaster?
posted 8/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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