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I had the first news yesterday of a copy of A Million Ukeleles making it to LONDON, which is EXCELLENT news - it feels like all the UK ones were flung out the very EDGES of the nation and have since been slowly making their way back to where they started, as the first SIGHTINGS were FAR AWAY and they're only just getting into the metropolis. It's sort of like getting SLOW RELEASE Nicotine Release Patches - i didn't get the HUGE BOOST of them all arriving the same day and hearing back from people, instead it's a gentle trickle of RECIEPT.

This leads us to the first PRINT mention, in The Village Voice of all places. It's Item FOUR - is he suggesting that Hey Hey 16K HASN'T been downloaded that many times? I'm SURE it has you know, honest!

Talking of which, I was at home yesterday (dodgy stomach, details SPARED) doing the washing up and listening to Steve Lamacq doing his Good Day/Bad Day ITEM, and the interviewee was talking about getting his start on computers with a ZX Spectrum. "I've got a song about that!" I thought to myself. "MJ Hibbett has a song about that!" said Steve Lamacq FOUR SECONDS LATER. It was SPOOKY!

posted 24/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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i got mine! i was going to mail you but i haven't actually *heard* the album yet for various reasons.

and i just read that everet true thing, and even though someone just tried to POISON me with a shrimp this bit made me smile: "One day he will have children and these children will be awkward."
posted 24/10/2007 by ray k is foreign

My album and t-shirt arrived today too here in not so sunny Manchester, hurrah!

If you do the "Listen Again" for Lamacq's tour on the 23rd October, check the MJ reference during Good Day/Bad Day at around 49:30 onwards. Check it out :) But get the title right, Lammo!!
posted 24/10/2007 by Warren

I've got mine, I've been listening in my car for the last couple of days and it brightens up the autumn COMMUTE. Lovely packaging, too!
posted 25/10/2007 by Tom

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