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Blog: A Million Ukeleles

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CHANGES all round today, as the main webpage AND the Myspace get a bit of a makeover to celebrate the release of A Million Ukeleles.

On the main webpage you'll find a rather natty REDESIGN along with a BIG update to the SHOP - the last few copies of A Million Ukeleles itself are now available, along with the SNAZZY t-shirts AND the exciting COMBO DEAL where you can get the pair of them at a KNOCKDOWN PRICE. In order to try and clear a bit of space in the ROCK WAREHOUSE that is our spare room, I've also SLASHED prices (SLASHED!) on the I Validate Tour T-Shirts. Please, somebody, buy them!

Meanwhile, over on the MYSPACE we've got THREE brand new songs to download, all taken from A Million Ukeleles. These are the title track, the INSANE GUITAR HISTRIONICS of She Tastes Like Sugar and the ALL TRUE I Did A Gig In New York.

It feels VERY good to be getting all this stuff OUT at last - i hope you like it!

posted 18/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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Timing! BBC Breakfast today had a piece on children learning the ukelele - one day you will have your MILLION UKELELES!
posted 18/10/2007 by Merman

our friends at Idolator point out a similar story in the graun as well!

posted 19/10/2007 by CarsmileSteve

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