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the ACTION which has been occurring - it may APPEAR as if all has been still this week, but that is because a) BLOGGER has been playing up and b) i have been busy doing STUFF which has kept me from the BLOGFACE. Tour booking antics continue apace, whilst simultaneously i have been SHELLING OUT - CDs, t-shirts, badges, digital distribution and RUBBER STAMPS have ALL been paid for now, with badges in the post, CDs hopefully on the way soon, t-shirts coming in a week or two, and RUBBER STAMP to be picked up tomorrow, this last a rather exciting way to do the covers for the booklets which will come with the Limited Edition CD version of the new album.

Talking of which, said BOOKLET is now pretty much finished and ready for printing - I got special PAPER for it yesterday, as well as card for the covers, as, like ALL aspects of the packaging, I'm going to be making them myself. Similarly I have today been sat at the kitchen table COLOURING IN the COVERS for the CDs, and then sticking them onto the special cases which myself and Mr F A Machine bought a job lot of. It is pretty labour intensive, and I'm glad I'm only doing 200 of them, but they do look VERY nice indeed.

If anyone fancies BUYING one of these, they should be available for pre-orders quite soon but I'm going to wait until they're actually COMPLETED before i start taking money! There'll be about half of them for SALE, after I've done promo copies and given them to Relevant Persons, and I'll let the mailing list know first that they're ready, so if you'd LIKE to get one and are NOT on the mailing list, well, now would be the time to SIGN UP!

posted 26/9/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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