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Blog: Down By The Waterfront

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You find me METAPHORICALLY surrounded by packing cases, shipping containers and large wooden boxes being lifted up in rope NETS, as preparations are made and boardings are undertaken on the good ship ROCK - destination: ALBUM RELEASE. This morning I got a SAMPLE of the CD onbody artwork (LOVELY) and mastered WAV files from Mr R Newman in Derby, which i shall tonight lovingly slide together to create the finished ALBUM. WHOO!

MEANWHILE I've ordered some BADGES, got quotes for T-SHIRTS, investigated some Design Ideas for the BOOKLETS that'll come with the Handmade CD Version, and started sorting out the main ONLINE release. It is, in fact, ALL GO, and in the midst of all this I've also added a couple more GIGS, including one THIS Sunday (the 30th) at The Buffalo Bar, supporting Sarandon. Somebody dropped out of the line-up so i STAUNCHLY stepped forward to offer to fill-in - the fact that I was going ANYWAY and so would thus be saving myself the cost of admittance had really almost HARDLY ANY bearing on my decisions.

Right then, now to try and sort out the Album Tour - BOARDING PASSES READY!

posted 24/9/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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