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Blog: Oh, Those KRAZY Gods Of Rock!

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Hot on the heels of having the London Loves gig cancelled, I've just had an email saying my gig in Stoke Newington on October 5th has ALSO been cancelled. GODS OF ROCK! Why do you TOY with me so?!?

Aah, but what they take away they also GIVE, for LO! I've just been on the BLOWER to The Lamb again to book the NEXT Totally Acoustic gig, which will be on November 6th. INCREDIBLY EXCITINGLY the Special Guest Star this time will be Mr Pete Weiss, star producer, lead of The Weisstronauts and general ALL AMERICAN GOOD GUY. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing him in Actual Real Life after YEARS of delightful emails and EXCELLENT records. It will be GRATE!

posted 20/9/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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