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Blog: Great Moments In Rock: TO THE POSTBOX!

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You discover me this morning Visibly Excited, as I have before me on the desk something Visibly Exciting: A CD containing the finished MIXES of The Solo Album. Well, it's not QUITE the finished mixes - there's a FADE OUT I'm probably going to do, and an Additional Track I've yet to finish, but the basic album is now DONE, and ready to go off to Mr R Newman of Snug Studios, Derby for MASTERING. Once that's done... well, it'll be finished! I keep getting little JABS of THRILLS about it - unlike most albums, this one's been really QUITE EASY, but also much more INTENSE than usual - even when we spent a whole week doing WE VALIDATE! we then had about a YEAR of TWEAKING and additional bits and bobs to do before it was actually finished - this has taken four weeks (not including our holiday) of pretty SOLID action from start to finish, doing something nearly every day, so it feels a bit WEIRD to be about to STOP.

Well, when I say STOP i mean stop RECORDING - there's still an AWFUL lot of things to do, and i have a DAILY PLANNER to make sure it all gets sorted in time, but at the moment it feels like the end of a Big Process, ESPECIALLY since I think we've got the running order sorted out at last. I say "we" because I have had some CONSULTANCY ADVICE from Mr T Pattison, who did such a good job on WE VALIDATE! that I asked for HELP again, and we have been BATTING ideas around for the past couple of days. After a bit of discussion, the development of a complex GRID system to ensure no two consecutive songs have the same Featured Artistes, and a LOT of listening to the whole thing on my iPod, I think that THIS is pretty much the final tracklisting:
A Million Ukeleles
Pass It On
Programming Is A Poetry For Our Time
Down The Narborough Road
I Did A Gig In New York
Hey William
She Tastes Like Sugar
Save A Meadow
Hell On Earth
Control Alt Delete
Born Yesterday
Chips And Cheese, Pint Of Wine

As I say, there's an extra bit to go on the end still but that is pretty much IT, and I must say it's sounding RATHER GOOD. I'm off to the post box in a minute with this CD then, after which it will be time for MERCHANDISING DESIGN!

posted 19/9/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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