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Blog: Back To New Street

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There's a NEW SONG over in the LYRICS section!

Well, sort of... it's actually a NEW version of the fairly old song Hell On Earth (Birmingham New Street) which I wrote YEARS ago and was moved to re-write after the heavy TRAIN BIAS of the weekend. I've taken out the bits that were EITHER recycled for use in Holdalls Is The New Name For Midland Mainline Lost Property OR just a bit crap, and so it's nearly 50% ALL NEW.

It's all part of the build up to properly starting work on the SOLO ALBUM - i'd intended to have all of next week off work to get going on it, but things didn't work out like that so instead I'm going to have to settle for working in the evenings, but I'm still hopeful of getting it all sorted out by October... especially as i now have LOADS of ideas for the cover, the inserts, and getting it OUT to people. It's just a shame I have to wait around, just because I haven't recorded any of it yet!

posted 2/8/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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I share your feelings about New Street, but Digbeth coach station is *much* worse??
posted 5/8/2007 by Mark

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